Criteria for selection and acceptance of written & recorded materials for publication & dissemination


A – MIC considers for acceptance contents of materials received from a variety of perspectives including the following:


1 – Contributions that promote the dissemination of knowledge & relevant information on Ethiopian society & culture;


2 – Articles and recordings that deal with substantive issues relevant to contemporary Ethiopian society in relation to culture (literature, arts, etc) politics, economics,  history, environment, human rights, etc.


B – Criteria for Acceptance of Articles:


 1 – Does the article have relevance to Ethiopia as a source of knowledge & information?


2 – Does it provoke healthy discussions and thoughts?


3 – Does it uphold the composite identity of the Ethiopian people?


4 – Does it reflect the wider interest of the Ethiopian society & does it fight against sectarian interest & divisive loyalties?


5 – Does it promote cohesion, integration and coexistence of the Ethiopian people?




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