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MIC Paltalk Announcement

Note: Moresh Information Center opens every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern (1200 Hrs .European) Time & Closes at 6:00 PM Eastern (00:00 Hrs. European) Time. The interviews program begins usually at 1:00 PM Eastern (1900 Hrs European) Time

If you wish to use pal talk application it may involve a few things but still very easy and simple to listen to this program. First, you go to and download their free software. Then, you create any nickname you desire. After you create your nickname login using your new nickname, then you click on “View All” link then select “Africa” next “Ethiopia” then look for ” Moresh Information Center” Voice room & when you find it, you can join by double clicking on the name of the room. That is all to it and see you Saturday and Sunday.

You can also listen to the entire program after the broadcast on any of the following sites:

2. Maekel
4. Moreshinfo Maekel – Google+
5. Information Center ( It may require to have a Facebook account & it’s free.)

አማራን ከፈጽሞ መጥፋት እንታደጋለን !

የአማራው ሕብረት የኢትዮጵያ ትንሳዔ ነው!

ፈለገ ዓሥራት የትውልዳችን ቃል ኪዳን ነው!

The work goes on & the dream shall never die!

Keep in touch & we thank you so much!


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