የጎሳ ፌዴራሊዝም፤ የአማራው ጎሳ የጅምላ መፈናቀልና አማራውን ለማጥፋት የሚደረገው ስልታዊ የወያኔ ትግሬዎች ዘመቻ – አሰፋ ነጋሽ * (ሆላንድ – ጥቅምት 2006 ዓ. ም)

ክፍል አንድ የወያኔ ትግሬዎችና ስለ አማራ ህዝብ ያላቸው ግንዛቤና የቆየ ጥላቻ ምን ይመስላል?  Read In PDF … የወያኔ ...

አገርና ፖለቲካ በዛሬው የለውጥ ትግል – ዶ/ር ተስፋዬ ደምመላሽ ( ክፍል አንድ )

                                                                                    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ዘረኛ አምባገነናዊ ...

Lampedusa boat sinking: Survivors recall awful ordeal

Lampedusa, Italy (CNN) — At the port in Lampedusa, recovery teams continue to fill trucks with the bodies they’re still pulling from the sea. More than 300 so far — ...

የልማት መጀመሪያው ሰብዓዊ መብትን ማክበር ነው! ሞረሽ ወገኔ (ብሪታኒያ)

አማራ – አቀፍ ልማት ማህበር፦ ዩኬ የሚባል ድርጅት ለንደን በሚገኘው “የኢሕአዴግ” ኤምባሲ በልማት ስም አባሎቹን ...

Interview with Dr. Abeba Fekade (SBS Radio)

Dr. Abeba Fekade, talks about the barriers to participation of Ethiopian women in politics Interview with Dr. Abeba Fekade – Pt 1 http://media.sbs.com.au/audio/amharic_130916_289291.mp3   Interview ...

ሼ-መንደፈር በመርካቶ (Audio )

ሼ-መንደፈር በመርካቶ (መሐመድ ሰልማን-ከመርካቶ )   http://MoreshInfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/She_Mendefer_Be_Merkatoo.mp3 Share this:TwitterGoogleFacebook

IEWO Calls upon all Ethiopians and Human Right Activists to Stand in Solidarity with Reeyot Alemu

International Ethiopian Women’s Organization (IEWO) stands proudly and courageously in solidarity with Reeyot Alemu, one of the very few heroins Ethiopian women of our time who is ...

Panel discussion on the role of Media in Ethiopia – Dr. Assefa Negash , Dr. Tesfaye Demelash and Dr. Abebech Belai

Panel discussion on the role of Media in Ethiopia – Dr. Assefa Negash ,  Dr. Tesfaye Demelash and Dr. Abebech Belai – Moresh Information Center (MIC) Paltalk Room Part ...

ሼ-መንደፈር በመርካቶ (መሐመድ ሰልማን-ከመርካቶ )

ይቺ አገር ፈሪሃ -እግዚአብሔር (በዐረብኛ/ተቅዋ) ያለ ልክ የሰፈነባት የምድራችን ክፍል ናት፡፡ ሕዝቦቿም ለፈጣሪ ...

Interview with Dr. Tesfaye Demmelash (SBS)

Dr. Tesfaye Demmelash, talks about Ethiopias Resurrection: Integrating Patriotic and Progressive Movements. http://media.sbs.com.au/audio/amharic_130830_286167.mp3 Share this:TwitterGoogleFacebook
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Asrat Memorial Page

Asrat Memorial Page

Professor Asrat woldeyes


Expose and counter the criminalization of the Amara people, whose identity, history and culture have been unjustifiably made sources of Ethiopia’s woes and ills thereby exposing the Amara people to unprecedented level of hatred, dispossession and dehumanization as the recent massive evictions of Amaras from Gura Ferda and Benishangul have attested.

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