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ዐማራነት በኮሎኔሉ አንደበት

  ዐማራነት በኮሎኔሉ አንደበት በነገራችን ላይ የጎንደር ዐማሮችን ለመድፋት መጥተው ድፍት ያሉትን ትግሬዎች ...

The Horn of Africa: Its strategic importance for Europe, the Gulf States and beyond

ESAT: የሳምንቱ እንግዳ Aba Nikodimos Saturday, March 3, 2012

  Must watch interview! Fasil & Aba Nikodimos …Watch it yourself and judge. You will see what the OLF/ESAT soldier Fasil who tried so hard to exonerate OLF for the genocide ...

Shambel Belayneh Welkait New song 2016

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