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Voice of Amara Radio – 03 Oct 2016

Voice of Amara Radio

የትግራይ ፋሽስቶች በሄሊኮፕተር በመጠቀም የዐማራን ዘር እያጠፉ ይገኛሉ !!!

          አያት ቅድመአያቶቻችን ላይ የጣሊያን ፋሽስቶች የፈጸሙትን የዘርማጥፋት ተግባር የባንዶቹ ...

The real face of the Tigrean fascist state and their readiness to wipe out Amaras as long as that guarantees them the fertile lands of Amaras which they have been coveting for long.

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