Witness Tigrean Ethnic Hubris & Pride that is Over-reaching Itself – Dr. Assefa Negash

Dear Ethiopian compatriots: please listen to the following link 


One ugly feature of ethnic nationalism is exaggerated sense of pride & entitlement that erases the identity of those people outside one’s ethnic group. Here you hear two Tigrean ethno-nationalists, product of TPLF’s Nazi-type ideology, who exude excessively dehumanizing views about another ethnic group (Amharas). The views of these two Tigreans is symptomatic of a larger malaise affecting TPLF followers and the pervasive hold Tigrean ethnic nationalism has assumed, the deep roots this poisonous ideology of hatred has struck within the wider Tigrean society during the last 39 years in spite of the rhetorical claims of populist opposition politicians who claim that such sentiments are not shared by many Tigreans. Please watch the Tigrean tv program, listen to their war songs they daily broadcast & beam via TV, etc and see where all that is leading Ethiopia into. 39 years of ethno-nationalist agitation b TPLF, exposure of the Tigrean population to ideology of hate by TPLF cum 17 years of war & the associated sense of having been the only victims of Dergue’s repressive rule in Ethiopia, has created a population that itself as yester-years’s victim that deserves everything, including the erasure of the identities of today’s underdogs (non-Tigreans). The ubiquitous and unbridled sense of Tigrean entitlement, the expansionist records of the Tigrean regional state that annexed large tracts of lands from the neighboring region inhabited by Amharas (Gondar & Wello), the disproportionate allocation of resources of Ethiopia to Tigrai region, the disproportionate economic, social and political empowerment of Tigreans in all spheres of life, the Tigreanization of the Ethiopian state by Tigreans, etc are visible proofs of the collective narcissism which Tigrean ethnic nationalism which, as a fundamentalist ideology, is on par with Nazism and Fascism has created and engendered. The sooner we realize this the better. Ethiopia is heading towards a cull-de-sac situation from which escape may prove impossible should we dismiss such warning signs encapsulated in this audio. Let us not forget that incessant dehumanization of a population group & internecine conflict that erupts into a political conflagration that plunges a country into an all-out war lie on the same continuum. 


Assefa Negash  

Amstelveen, the Netherlands

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