A wake up call for all Amhara political parties and organizations

By Mikael Arage  
London, UK 

“A united Amhara is in the best interest of every Ethiopian”

The pressure for establishing one Amhara Political party, one Amhara research council, and one Amhara media should there need be has never been stronger. As a result, over the past couple of months, Amhara Network took the initiative to reach out to different political parties and civic organizations aspiring to put themselves in the service of the oppressed and exploited people of Amhara. 
We exchanged an email. We called them up. We did everything we can to find out as to why Moresh, AAPO, Bete-Amhara, 
Global Amhara Council and etc aren’t working hand in hand together as opposed to fragmenting off each-other and inevitabily disharmonizing Amhara. Nor building a strategic alliance so as to carry out functional activities on shared interests. It turns out that these organizations have peculiar problems of their own while most are very common : People with different set of behavioral constraints such as ego, ID and super ego; Different level — breadth and depth — of civilization, pluralism and understanding of the multi-dimentinal challenges faced by Amhara and the corresponding need for a holistic strategic approach ; Ranks using fake accounts to defame one another ; Some members of Amhara organizations have been a paid cadre with the regime while others were members of opposition political parties from which a deception of grudges are inherited ; Split ups, or factions, turning in to different Amhara organizations ; Individuals with very ulterior motives in desperate need of being a small king in their own Kingdom; Cheat-in way out excessive personal brandings; Lust for power , attention and short term gratification; Stubbornness, cheap-talk, cruelty, dishonesty, vanity and lack of introspection taking the place of openness, practicality, magnanimity, authenticity, humility and refelection respectively; Lack of spirituality, moral standards, integrity, optimism and self-sacrifice; Lack of emotional intelligence; Inexperience of operational politics, Lack of experience in strategy, organizational leadership and management; Lack of willingness and know-how so as to get to work together ; Lack of understanding and not harnessing the global digital media ecoystem; And excessive fidelity to clan , intolerance , religious extremism, empty hype of ethnic nationalisme and abroadeginet than a well reflected operational framework and inclusive politico-philosophical ideologies to bring the people of Amhara as one body. According to our assessment, we established that there are more ‘narrow regional bases’ in almost all Amhara political parties, and associations bubbling in the scene than the state ,idea and facts of being one Amhara. 
As a result of different cultural, linguistic, relegious and political ideologies, the discrepancies among the Oromo community, to date, is twice more than that of ethnic Amhara. Signaling , yet again, that such challenges aren’t endemic only to ethnic Amhara. The Oromo community, with much more discrepancies and nearly 50 years of disasterious fragmentation among , has come to work together only very recently, according to our holistic benchmark.
Cordially, Amhara Network perscribes and kindly requests that different Amhara organizations establish strategic teams , get consultation from external experties where and when needed, and find inclusive functional frameworks to operate on , and live up to who they are asserting to be in the service of —one people of Amhara— as soon as possible. Moreover, all organizations must put their members ego, bullish behavior if there any, conflicts from time memorial and ulterior motives behind as opposed to using ‘ill-constructed subjective narrow ideologies’ as an infallible dogma and official road map in our shared, not subjective but objective, journey to serve the imperative causes of the oppressed and exploited people of ‘Degu’ Amhara . In addition, Amhara Network doesn’t rule out the presence of TPLF operatives from within harnessing conventional group dynamics to manipulate, insinuate and rift apart from behind , and that attention must be paid to what’s is said and done behind in closed group dynamics. Furthermore, It’s important to understand that being a source of division for the people of Amhara equals being a threat from within leading to a mal- administered organizational defect eroding not just the very harmony you want to bring with in the people of Amhara but also the great responsibility and vested interest we share with the nations and nationality of Ethiopia. 

The good news, according to our profound and independent assessment of the situation , is that there are a lot more capable Amharas than we ever imagined. That there are a number of people doing really great things. That the new Amhara generation, though distributed, is organized enough to continue doing so many great things. However, talents and resources diverged out in five organizations must, by all means necessary, be converged for the strategic, effective and efficacious service of the people of Amhara. We—as servants of the exploited, oppressed, hostaged and endangered people of Amhara—have more imperative issues and values we share than what’s dividing us. Fear not to make that move which will bring the pieces together for the better. 

May God Bless , and give you the grace for co-creation!

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