IEWO Calls upon all Ethiopians and Human Right Activists to Stand in Solidarity with Reeyot Alemu

International Ethiopian Women’s Organization (IEWO) stands proudly and courageously in solidarity with Reeyot Alemu, one of the very few heroins Ethiopian women of our time who is imprisoned by the TPLF regime for standing up for human rights and for defending freedom of speech. Her basic rights are gravely violated to the extent that she has been denied to get the necessary treatment that is very much needed for her essential wellness and she is also continually mistreated and subjected to mental anguish and psychological harassment.


Reeyot Alemu has neither committed a crime nor is a terrorist as the regime tries to misinform the public. Reeyot was arrested on June 21, 2011, and falsely accused of conspiring to commit terrorist act and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. She was sentenced of  a crime she never committed other than expressing her freedom of speech and defending her rights.

Reeyot Alemu is a young Ethiopian woman with a great personal integrity who stands firmly on her ground of truth. She refused to admit guilt which she never committed in exchange for clemency. Reeyot is a courageous woman of dignity and a role model for many Ethiopian women.


It is in this light that IEWO calls upon all Ethiopians and international human right activists to join us in condemning the unjust imprisonment and continued brutal treatment that Reeyot Alemu is facing in prison.


Thus, as part of the solidarity initiative for Reeyot Alemu, IEWO calls upon all Ethiopians and the international community at large to:

  • Support the demand for the immediate release of Reeyot Alemu and all other political prisoners; and denounce the brutal and inhuman treatment of political prisoners by the regime.


  • ·         Hold the TPLF regime accountable for its gross violation of human rights, genocide, crime against humanity and the ongoing widespread dehumanizing social conditions in Ethiopia.


  • ·         Urge those forces that are actively helping and sustaining the life of the repressive regime to stop supporting and realize the grave consequences of being accomplice to the act of the regime.
    • ·         Show solidarity and stand with Reeyot Alemu and all political prisoners in action by boycotting the TPLF regime politically and economically; boycott all products and services and cut off the financial blood- line that is used by the regime to oppress and imprison thousands of innocent Ethiopians.


  • ·         Unite all concerned and conscious Ethiopian women worldwide and forge a collaborative spirit and a unity of action to promote the rights of Ethiopian women in general and to demand the Freedom of Reeyot Alemu and all political prisoners in Ethiopia.

Free Reeyot Alemu and all Political Prisoners!


Victory to the Ethiopian people!


IEWO, September, 2013



International Ethiopian Women’s Organization


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