Open Letter to the Ethiopian People and International Stakeholders

Open Letter to the Ethiopian People and International Stakeholders
ethiopiaWe in Ethiopiawinnet, a rights-based global civic organization committed to a united
and democratic Ethiopia, would once again like to bring to your attention the extremely
grave crisis unfolding in the Gonder and Gojam regions of some 20 million people. In the
Amhara Regional State in northwestern Ethiopia, the situation is fast turning from one
of state-led crime against humanity to one of genocide. Following nearly a year of defiant
protests in several parts of the Oromia Regional State in southwestern and southeastern
Ethiopia as well as in the capital city of Addis Ababa itself, the civil disobedience
campaign against a tyrannical minority regime has moved north presently engulfing
some two-thirds of the 100 million people of Ethiopia.
In some localities, the resistance is rapidly assuming the disturbing form of a popular
insurrection by ordinary citizens who have overcome their fear of terror in the hands a
murderous tribal militia, called Agazi, for the past 25 years. As we write, the regime is
mobilizing the national army and air force, and even requisitioning the commercial
Ethiopian Airlines to transfer shock troops after the Prime Minister vowed to liquidate
protestors by any means necessary. We lift our voice now to express our alarm at the
prospects of a bloody civil war that is likely to make Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, South
Sudan, and Rwanda child’s play.
We assure you that we are not being overly alarmist, and only ask you to seriously ponder
the following facts:……….read in pdf  Open Letter.Final..September 2, 2016-1

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