“25 Years of Ethiopians Suffering: The Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) Genocide of The Amara People”. By Haileeysus Adamu Akalu

25 Years of Ethiopians Suffering
The Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) Genocide of The Amara People
Historically, Ethiopia was ruled by successive emperors and kings, with a feudal system of government. In 1974 the military took over the reins of rule by force and administered the country until May 1991. Currently, the former guerrilla group have been ruled the country with absolute dictatorship and its administrative system is ethnic based federalism (1-13).
Millions of Amara have been subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide in different parts of the Ethiopia for the last 25 years. Reports showed that during the last 25 years the ruling TPLF regime and its cohorts have committed various gruesome human rights violations against members of the Amara (Amhara) ethnic group in Ethiopia (5, 7-8).
In 1976, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that is currently ruling Ethiopia crafted its Greater Tigray Manifesto. TPLF claimed in its political program as a struggle against “Amara and imperialism” and labelled the Amaras as staunch enemies of the Tigray people, it is generally assumed that the opposition to TPLF’s apartheid-style rule would come from the Amara ethnic group. The manifesto called for transforming the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray in to an independent country through expansionist policies. For Greater Tigray to become a reality, TPLF decided that they have to take control of the central government in Ethiopia and systematically dismantle the country (5-8).
Since coming to power, the TPLF has unlawfully incorporated and forcefully annexed parts of North Gondar and North Wollo districts of the Amara regional state into Tigray region. The total numbers of counties which have been taken over from North Gondar are five: Welkait, Tsegede, Tselemt, Setit and Tach Armachiho. Raya and Qobo district of North Wollo, with all its counties, has also been taken over by TPLF and incorporated to Tigray region. Once the TPLF took control of these districts, it has carried out systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing on the indigenous Amara people, who lived there for generations (5, 6-8).  Ethiopians Suffering pdf

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