***My message to Amhara …it’s time to break our silence**Mussa Muhabbet ZeWollo

11025230_1409817589326082_4548888202015992029_n It is quite clear that the TPLF regime has destined for the destruction of Ethiopia. At the beginning, TPLF’s basic objectives were to create the republic of Tigray and it was not to climb to the seat at Arat Kilo. This is evidenced by the formative documents, and testimonies of former members of the TPLF. Since the beginning, TPLF has declared Amhara are prime enemy of the Tigrai people. And it has stated in its formative documents for their extermination. TPLF: In its manifesto promised to eliminate the Amharas from the face of Ethiopia. We know that Nazi Weyane philosophy explicitly singled out Amharas as the main reason for all Tigray’s problems, and planned to eliminate all of them. One would wonder about this and could ask why the TPLF has considered Amharas as enemy? MyMessageToAmhara20150505……read in pdf

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